We believe in the idea that our choices, our wardrobes, and our lives can do more with less. 

Here’s what we’re doing to make a difference:

  • Our designs:  We prioritize enduring style and quality. Each piece in our collection is designed based on the idea that fashion should be seasonless and should have longevity. By making products with high-quality materials, we attempt to break the buy-wear-replace cycle with pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years.

  • Our production practices: Our collection is produced in small, considered batches that align production to actual demand, so we can prevent excess inventory that could end up unused and in landfills. Every AALLYN piece is made by a real person, using time-honored techniques and high quality materials. 

  • Our packaging: We are working on converting to 100% recycled materials for our shipping boxes by 2023. We are also actively researching and sourcing alternatives to plastic poly bags.

Sustainability is an evolving goal for our brand and something we will continue working toward today and every day to come. As the need to protect our planet continues to grow, we are actively exploring ways to minimize our impact. We know that every decision matters and have started implementing practices that will make lasting change. 

Please check back with us as we continue to update and improve our processes.