We're a family-owned business brought to life by the bond of two cousins who are practically sisters. When you shop with AALLYN, you're supporting two moms striving to set an example for their daughters, teaching them to dream big and never settle. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being our customer.

Pictured: Allyn & Sharon, circa 1995


Before starting this business, I connected with thousands of women as a well-known Poshmark seller, serving over 350k shoppers. 9 years, thousands of sales, and hundreds of customer conversations ultimately shaped AALLYN into what it is today – a destination for modern style that lasts and makes you feel your absolute best.

In AALLYN, I've envisioned a collection that brings understated glamour to your everyday moments, fusing timeless silhouettes with modern finishings that shine. Success, to me, means each piece effortlessly elevates your entire wardrobe – from relaxed, laid-back days to the ones dressed in your best outfits. Every AALLYN creation is designed to be a closet staple that you’ll wear for years to come, not just for their enduring style, but because they make you feel undeniably good.

Though we’re in the business of producing, we’re big believers in the slow-fashion philosophy. It guides every decision we make as a company, from purposeful design to our commitment against contributing to unnecessary overproduction. In a world that often favors quantity over quality, and ever-changing trends, we take pride in mindful choices and creating style that lasts.

Thank you for being part of the AALLYN journey. With this collection, we celebrate you and all the remarkable women who inspire us. Here's to our shared love of style, intention, and making every moment count. 

With love,
Founder, AALLYN

Our Mission

At AALLYN, fashion isn't just about trends; it's an opportunity to celebrate, express, and reflect. It’s about finding beauty in the every day and in pausing to savor life’s moments. It’s about an ongoing celebration of self.

Every AALLYN piece is meticulously crafted, infusing intention into every stitch and hardware detail, helping you embody your best self with each wear. We know that trends come and go, but great design has staying power. That means designing pieces you’ll love wearing today, every day, and in the future. Designed for always, designed for now.