About the brand.

Style-elevating pieces, made for real life.

At AALLYN, we design everyday accessories for the women who do it all, pulling double shifts between the workplace and home. With a small, intentional collection, we aim to make your life more stylish without sacrificing comfort or function along the way. 

From material selection to adding extra straps and more, we design our bags to stand the test of real life. So throw them over your shoulder, swing them behind your back, or toss them into the car; they're built to be tough, just like you.

Here at AALLYN, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We know we're not saving the world. But if shopping with us has made you smile or helped make your day feel more streamlined, then we've achieved our mission: making you look and feel great, day in and day out. And that makes us proud.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Allyn. The idea for AALLYN was born in 2019 when I became a mother. Always a fan of designer bags, I became frustrated with how impractical these accessories now felt when pressed against a newborn. I no longer had the energy or interest to worry about high-maintenance pieces, but that didn't mean that my taste or style aesthetic had changed. So I did what many would do - I shopped online. Unfortunately, I couldn't find pieces that checked all of my boxes: style-elevating, durable, comfortable, and affordable. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I got the crazy idea to create my own line. I do not doubt that confirmation bias played a role here, but everyone I pitched the idea to came back with a resounding "DO IT." And so, with a bit of naivety and no formal background in producing fashion accessories (or any product for that matter), I reached out to small factories and started the journey of creating my collection. 

After lots of steep learning curves, a few sample-gone-wrong "frankenbags," and sleepless nights bouncing between a baby and my laptop, I ultimately created a small collection of leather bags I decided I'd share first with my Poshmark customers. In the years leading up to that point, I'd built a sizable (300,000+ customers) following on the Poshmark platform as one of the most trusted clothing and accessories sellers, with bags being my best-selling category. Because of that, I was lucky enough to have a built-in test group for my first foray into the purse-making business. I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely didn't expect what came next: all of my bags in my first production run sold out. A little over a year later, a few orders have turned into thousands of customers, and I've enlisted the help of my best friend and cousin, Sharon, to keep up with demand and continue expanding the line. 

At our core, we're a tiny duo of problem solvers, constantly chasing the perfect balance between beauty, function, and affordability. As mothers, we know how important it is for products to make life easier. And as cousins, we take pride in building a family-owned business that reflects how we approach life: with intention, care, and a big heart. Thank you for being here. This collection is designed just for you.