Giving Back

"Every woman is your sister.
Treat her accordingly."

At AALLYN, we're not just obsessed with elevating your wardrobe. We also believe fiercely in the power of elevating other women. As a small, female, and family-owned company, we’re passionate about uplifting and empowering women so they can reach their full potential. For us, this means giving back to women and families across the globe through organizations that focus on women's safety, health, and mental wellness.

Every year, we identify a new organization to which a portion of our sales is donated. For 2021, we've selected Women for Women International

Women for Women focuses on the critical intersection of women and conflict providing skills, knowledge, and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families, and their communities. Even if you don't shop with us, we hope you'll visit the Women for Women website to learn more about their incredible efforts around the globe.