How to Adjust Your Jordan Bucket Bag Strap

Thank you for being our customer, and we hope you love your new Jordan Bucket Bag! The leather strap defaults to the most extended length, but shortening is a breeze. Please follow the steps below if you need to make it shorter:

  1. On the adjustable segment of your strap, locate the gold or silver hardware notch that's holding the tail down.

  2. Pull upward on the short strap tail, gently pulling the hardware notch through the hole in the leather. If you are having trouble pulling the notch through the hole, gently slide the hardware back into the slot cut above the hole first, then pull it apart. It should have less tension this way.

  3. Pull the strap through the bracket, shortening it to your desired setting.

  4. Align the hardware notch to the new hole and gently push through.

    For anyone in need of a longer strap, we now offer an extended-length / plus-size strap for the Jordan Bucket Bag! You can find the extended strap here.


    • Anonymous

      I’m an AALLYN customer for life and already own 4 of your bags. Just came here to say that I love my Jordan but I do wish you’d offer lots of strap options!! I’d buy them all!!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!! I had to pull pretty hard, but I got it! I love my Jordan!!!

    • Anonymous

      Love your customer service. Thank you for this… I almost gave up and returned it because I didn’t realize it was adjustable.

    • Ellen Ziemba

      Thank you so much!! Silly thing I couldn’t get the metal piece to come out!! Took a moment, but yay!! Done!!!💜

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